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Business Description

WEB Consulting

We analyze the problems of the Internet business that our customers have, and propose optimal improvement measures through strategy planning, WEB production, content SEO measures, listing advertisement operation, etc.

SEO Measures

SEO measures are aimed at optimizing the search results of "Google" and "Yahoo!" for each keyword, displaying the target site at the top, and increasing the number of inflows.

Homepage Creation

We will create a homepage that captures those who are interested, who will increase sales. With an integrated production system from advertising to SEO, we support speedy and smooth achievement of objectives.

Education Business

At Davinci・Lab, we value the attitude of thinking for ourselves, taking on challenges, and solving problems.


Today's children often ask for answers or ask for help, but I think that there are many problems that have no answer in the general society.


When I look at various parents, I give hints and give answers so that I will not fail, but my child will get used to it and I think that I can understand it by asking my parents.


That's just taking away the opportunity for the child to spin his head and grow.


In programming, any method can be used as long as the purpose is achieved. There are many different programs and robots for different children.


It is easy to imagine that a child who has the ability to think for himself, challenge and solve problems from a young age will have a very rich future life.


The biggest thing parents can leave for their children is "education."


Please let your child acquire creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities that are difficult to acquire in school education.

Management of "programming tutor" for elementary and junior high school students

Programming Tutor

50 teachers who specialize in programming are enrolled, support for peace of mind, and a tutor with a clear fee system for programming will solve the problems of programming learners. We teach people of all ages, from elementary school students to adults, so please take a look.